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"As a country we are barreling along toward destiny in our fossil-fuel propelled huge-mobile -- the tachometer is pinned at the redline, the engine whining. We have been running low on gas for a while now but the driver has not fully acknowledged it.

Some of the passengers want to speed up and see how fast we can go, using the last of our fuel. Others want to slow down and conserve what little we have. A few others want to pull over to the side and stop now -- turn in our vehicle for a bicycle or one powered by alternate energy -- one that just might get us as far as we need to go."

If you want the unvarnished truth about what is wrong in America, read this book. Cotchett spares no sacred cows as he shines a spotlight on the creed of greed.

- Congresswoman Jackie Speier

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Combine wild ingredients and a disregard for the ordinary with a little chemistry in the kitchen, and you get the Cooking Fearlessly philosophy -- a no-holds-barred approach to cooking that is pure Texas and a helluva good time.

Okay. Or, as we Texans like to say, awright. I'm prejudiced. Hudson's on the Bend is one of the world's best restaurants...This is the spirit and the place that gave birth to Fearless Cooking.

- Dan Rather

Cooking Fearlessly is to formal cooking like boogie is to ballroom dancing. So put your hands on your hips and let your backbone slip and slide on over to the kitchen.

Inside you will get...

* 10 years of insider knowledge on personal shopping, working with celebrities and major production companies you won't be taught in school

* Your questions answered including how to develop your business to sustain your career as a stylist

* The full list of jobs available as a stylist to give you direction on your career path

* The rates charged as a stylist for each job so that you know how to structure your business

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"We make mistakes.

We change, we transform.

We are humans, we are the dancers of life."


"My eyes searched out the moonlight staining the carpet. I thought -- if black is the absence of all light and white is the presence of all light, then gray must be a darker shade of white or a brighter black. If that is true then that is where my life lay, somewhere between good and evil. I am the light in the presence of all the dark somehow mistaken for the dark that surrounds me; the brightest black."

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